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Estate Administration – Bucks County Estate Lawyers

Estate Litigation When a loved one passes away, there is nothing worse than trying to manage an onset of tough decisions. Juggling the decisions, paperwork, and emotional stress can be too much to manage. Let our compassionate and experienced Bucks County estate lawyers handle estate administration matters and let you focus on your family.

Certain legal and procedural requirements must be considered within certain timeframes. Probate should be initiated right away and can require an estate attorney for numerous other needs. Understanding the Pennsylvania estate laws and how they relate to your family can be challenging, especially in times of duress. Hiring the right Doylestown estate attorney alleviates the stress of wondering if something is missing or figuring out how to do it all on your own.

Estate notices, advertising and probate are all part of the initial stages of estate administration. Probate is the legal terminology for determining whether or not a will is valid and administering the will. Issuance of notice to heirs and other legal precautions must take place once the probate process is initiated.

Every estate varies so probate may be a different process depending upon the circumstances. In Pennsylvania, estate administration usually requires the following procedures:

  • Petition must be filed with the proper probate court
  • Notice to Heirs is issued, or if the deceased did not have a will, Notice to Statutory Heirs
  • Petition to Appoint Executor or Administrator depending upon whether or not there is a will
  • Executor or Administrator conducts Inventory and Appraisal of the estate assets
  • Payment of estate debt
  • Sale of estate assets and payment of any estate taxes if they exist
  • Distribution of the asset to the heirs

The more involved areas of estate administration include estate inventory, estate debts, estate taxes, estate accounting, executor commissions and estate closing. These can be some of the more difficult to handle aspects of estate administration as they require a thorough understanding of the federal and Pennsylvania estate and probate laws.

The Law Offices of Michael Kuldiner, P.C. offers the compassionate and thorough counsel families and individuals require during estate administration matters. Our Bucks County estate lawyers are here to help make the process as simple as possible so you have time to focus on emotional and psychological health during a difficult time.

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