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Final Wish Requests

Final wish requestWe help our clients on a very personal level when it comes to estate planning which is why we suggest and draft final wish requests. Thinking about death and what happens next is very emotional and can raise concerns about whether or not one’s family will follow through with their final wishes. The decisions and choices you make are very important to you, but may be difficult to understand for relatives who are required to act on them. That is why final wish requests help clients feel a greater sense of security when it comes to those personal choices.

Final wish requests can come in the form of a letter that explains personal choices concerning your death. For example, disposition of ashes in particular locations can be discussed. Many family members often make assumptions about what a loved one wants after death, such as being buried in the family plot. But having a final wish request creates a personal record to explain what you want and why; with more information, there is a much greater likelihood that family will follow through with what you wanted.

Other topics that can be explained via a final wish request include instructions regarding funeral arrangements – perhaps you do not want a viewing to be held, or you would like a certain religious observation to occur (or not occur). Perhaps you want family to be together in more of a celebration than mourning – to release balloons, or lanterns, or hold an event in your honor. The final wish request is the place to set forth and explain how you want you and your family to memorialize your death.

Again, these are deeply personal decisions that should be thoughtfully and thoroughly conveyed to family members. Having our team of estate lawyers on your side will ensure the proper explanation of what you want and more insight on what can be included in a final wish request. Contact our office today by calling (215) 486-8171 or submitting an online inquiry form for more information and to schedule a consultation with a Doylestown estate lawyer.