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ProbateProbate is the process of defining a will that usually involves appearances by attorneys and the filing of paperwork. It can become a more lengthy process based upon the individual circumstances, parties involved, and complexity of the estate. Probate begins with fairly routine process of proving in court that the will of the deceased is valid.

Probate is handled by the Bucks County Orphan’s Court (or Orphan’s Court of the decedent’s county.) It is the overall process of the collection, organization, and execution of the will and splitting up the estate properly. Part of probate includes dealing with assets held by the decedent. There are some examples of property that is not subject to probate and therefore does not require the filing of paperwork. A Bucks County estate lawyer can tell you which properties are not subject to probate.

The entire probate process can be lengthy, especially if attorneys are not involved. The executor is tasked with putting together many documents, filings, and other time sensitive documents. Filing tax forms is another concern for executors of an estate in probate.

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