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Estate Inventory

Estate InventoryIn Bucks County across Pennsylvania, an estate inventory is part of the probate process. Essentially, it is the sorting and listing of all estate assets. Noticing creditors and meeting other statutory requirements are all part of handling the estate inventory.

The executor is responsible for preparing and filing the estate inventory with the Register of Wills. A Bucks County estate inventory must be completed pursuant to the statutory requirements, which can present a challenge for those who are tasked with sorting through the decedent’s information.

Not only must every asset be listed, the asset must have a value indicated as a total will be tallied within the form. An estate inventory will assist later in the filing of PA Inheritance Tax Return. This process can be arduous and requires thorough knowledge of the statutes and expectations – an experienced Bucks County estate lawyer can best file this information on behalf of the estate or the executor.

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