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Estate Advertising

Estate Advertising Bucks County, PAIn Pennsylvania, existence of an estate must be advertised to notify any possible creditors. Bucks County Estate advertising must be published in a Bucks County newspaper and comply with the strict guidelines set forth by Pennsylvania state laws.  

Many executors may not even be aware that they must publish an estate advertising. Executors that neglect estate advertising could be held liable to any creditors to whom the decedent was obligated. Even when an executor does advertise but it does not meet requirements, he or she could still be at risk for becoming liable to the decedents’ creditors.  

Being the executor of an estate is both a great honor and intense responsibility. When a loved one passes unexpectedly, this new role can be quite a bit of pressure. One of the many areas of concern for an executor of an estate is dealing with debts and creditors. Since little can prepare us for the time after a death, it can be difficult to begin sorting through these matters. Without the right guidance, many important procedures could fall through the cracks.  

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