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Communicating Your Estate Plans with Family Members

Discussing about death and dying is challenging and certainly unpleasant. Nonetheless, there are matters associated with death and dying that need to be discussed with specific family members under certain circumstances. These include matters associated with estate plans.

Estate Plans: Information on the Basics

Even in situations in which you might elect not to share the specifics of your estate, you do need to make sure a family member or family members have some basic, essential information relating to your estate. The reality is that many people neglect to convey this basic information. This can have seriously negative consequences when a person passes away.

One of the key types of information associated with estate plans that must be conveyed is the location of key documents. A family member, or someone else you trust, must be advised of the location of documents like your last will and testament. In addition, the location of a life insurance policy is also important to convey. Someone in your family, or a trusted friend, should also know where you have a safe deposit box. You might even want to arrange for someone to be able to access a safe deposit box upon your passing.

Advising of a Role Related to Estate Plans

You need to advise a family member or friend if you’ve designated them to serve as the executor of your last will and testament. You cannot keep such a person in the dark about your desire for that individual to serve as your executor. Indeed, you should take the time to question the person about his or her willingness to serve your estate in this capacity.

Information About Legal Counsel

If you have an attorney who has assisted in developing your estate plans, you need to make sure a family member (or friend) knows who this individual is and how to make contact with that professional. There may be some value in arranging an appointment with your estate attorney and a loved one so they have at least some connection while you are alive.

If you are only now contemplating your estate plans, a Pennsylvania estate attorney will schedule an initial consultation with you. There is no charge for an initial consultation to discuss your estate plans.